Burns Cornerstone bible church

108 Washington Ave.

Worship - 8AM 
Class - 9:30AM

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burns countryside church

We are a family friendly church with a desire to grow in our relationship with Christ and introduce others to Christ and help them grow. You are welcome to visit & we would love to have you!

Ways to get plugged in, fellowship, and grow:

Sunday school for all ages
Practical, Biblical, sermons
Weekly youth group
Weekly prayer meeting
Fellowship times throughout the month.
Monthly Friends and Fellowship (50+)
& More

Sunday School - 9:30AM
Sunday Church - 10:30AM

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14963 NW Boyer Rd, Burns, KS

Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday School - 10:00AM
Worship Service - 10:45AM
Sunday Evening - 7:00PM


eden mennonite church

1145 NW 108th St., Burns, KS
Sunday Service & God’s Children
11:00 am
Sunday Adult Bible Study
10:00 am